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The Brand

A specialist producer of exclusive and exquisite shawls since 1979.

Ahujasons is internationally lauded for its elegant and breathtaking product range in finest pashmina/cashmere, wool, silk, viscose, linen and blends. It is the most sought-after brand by leading fashion houses and markets across the globe.

The heritage craft diversified under Mr. Kulbhushan Ahuja. Endorsed by Woolmark for impeccable product quality, the company offers an amazing array of hand-crafted shawls, stoles, throws, scarves & mufflers – magnificently designed, feather-soft to touch and cozy to the core. From the traditional paisley and floral motifs to the contemporary and the futuristic – Ahujasons offers intricate designs and exquisite embellishments fondly cherished as treasured heirlooms.



At Ahujasons, shawls are personal style statements endorsed by connoisseurs of lifestyle over the centuries. Indian shawls had graced Emperors & queens. During the 15th century, Emperor Zayn-ul-Abidin, who was a great patron of the arts & crafts and ruler of Kashmir at that time, had a great collection of shawls. He introduced the art of shawl weaving in Kashmir. These shawls had intricate details and were famous for their softness and warmth. It was not long when other kings, queens and the richest started following the suit. The modern-day collections of pashmina and other hand-crafted shawls from Ahujasons bring to life the rich heritage of Indian weavers and the master Craftsmanship of the traditional Kashmiri Gharana so that our valued patrons across the globe are bequeathed with these most exclusive collectors’ items.

Eye on the Environment

At Ahujasons, we foster environment-friendly policies and believe in fashion without cruelty. We use only premium yarns – pure wool, gossamer silk and sheer natural fibres besides the most divine cashmere/pashmina harvested from the fine undercoat of Capra Hircus Laniger, a breed of goats found in the high altitudes of the Himalayan ranges and the Sub-Siberian latitudes.

The cashmere/pashmina wool is harvested from goats during their annual moulting season when the animals begin to lose the protective layer of down. The raw fibre is gathered through the shedding and no animal is harmed in the process. Our sourcing process and fabric has no connection with the internationally banned shahtoosh which is procured from the endangered Tibetan antelope Chiru (Pantholops Hodgsonii). Our pashmina is completely legal & safe to possess so you can enjoy their timeless beauty & elegance without having a guilty conscience.


Our Mission

We at Ahujasons are committed to nurturing the heritage craft of shawl-making and supporting the community of weavers-craftsmen engaged in this trade. Our success depends on the quality, beauty and exclusivity of our products – attained through all-round excellence and unique expertise of our people.

Our Employee Policy

We constantly endeavour to enhance aesthetic experience and earn employee loyalty through a long-term and mutually beneficial association. Our ethical industry practices, employee-first policies and great work environment ensure great-value benefits for all our employees and associates.



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